About P.R. Chase

P.R. Chase is a published author of Steampunk-themed erotica, with two short stories appearing in two separate anthologies from House of Erotica Books. The first of these anthologies, Valves and Vixens 3, features his debut story “Daedalus and the Automaton.” The second of these anthologies, A Dose of Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem, features his intrepid protagonist Emily Thorpe and her team of London-based paranormal investigators. in 2016, he released a series of e-book short stories introducing characters in the same Steampunk universe as Emily Thorpe.

In addition to erotica in the Steampunk genre, P.R. Chase has also released two volumes of short stories in the modern era, building on real-world experiences.

His writing and love of the Steampunk genre extends beyond erotica, however. He is one of the two contributing authors to an epistolary-format Victorian-age adventure Web fiction novel called Rackham and Crane, available on a shared blog at The Epistolary.

Find his author page on Amazon, or @PRChase72 on Twitter. Emily has her own Twitter feed as @EmilyThorpe67.